March 9, 2023
March 9, 2023

International Women's Day Q&A with Stacey Noonan

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Why I chose a career in the law?  

I chose to study law because I thought it would be a good skill set to have, for whatever I career I chose in the future.  Becoming a practising lawyer was not something I had planned on, but after discovering that the law was able to combine problem solving, logic and writing I found I really enjoyed it.   I was also raised in a feminist household and attended an all-girls high school, growing up to believe I had every right to have a ‘seat at the table’ in whatever arena I was able to demonstrate the necessary skill.  I didn’t even imagine that my gender would be an issue in the workplace.  As a young lawyer, it came as quite a shock when I realised just how much of an issue it was!

What unique perspectives do women bring to the law?  

The law applies to all genders so it only makes sense that all genders should have a role in all aspect of the law.  Generally speaking of course, women have a different approach to problem solving and communication, and I’ve found that that approach can be invaluable around a negotiating table.  There’s more than one way to get a deal done, and often what is needed is a different perspective or a different method of delivering the information.

Any female role models and why?  

So many!  As the saying goes,  we stand on the shoulders of those that have come before us.  Millions of women from all walks of life have fought big and small battles that have ultimately allowed me to have this career. I thank them all.  And I recognise my obligation to those that come after me to do the same – to demand equality in all places it does not yet exist for women.

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