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Are you tired of using a big law firm only to have junior staff do the work?

What if we told you there was a different way?

That way is Sierra Legal.

When you work with Sierra Legal you:

  • Receive corporate legal advisory services you can count on
  • Are guaranteed to work with talented lawyers, each with at least 13 years of experience
  • Will be given certainty about the costs you will incur
  • Benefit from lawyers who have big firm experience, but who also deliver services with good old fashioned brilliant customer service
  • Work with lawyers who are honest and produce superior work leading to positive outcomes
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After finishing his law and science degrees at Monash University, Craig Sanford spent 19 years in a large corporate and commercial law firm. His rise to success was meteoric, making partner before he was 30 years old. He learnt everything there was to know about commercial law.

He was highly accomplished. He was in demand. And he was enjoying all the material trappings of that success. But all that achievement came at a very real cost.

He was working 60+ hours a week. He was missing out on watching his kids grow up. He was missing out on quality time with his family. He had no time to do the things he used to love doing.

“There had to be a better way to practice law.”

Something had to give. Craig knew there had to be a better way to practice law. And Craig had the motivation to find it.

In 2010 he took the brave step of saying goodbye to all the alluring benefits of working for a large firm. He had a vision for a firm that would be the antithesis of the "ivory tower" law firms.

And so, Sierra Legal was born.

Within less than a year, Craig was joined by Mike Jeffery. Craig and Mike had worked together for many years in a previous firm. They knew that they were a great team and shared the same aspirations of delivering legal services in a completely different way.

It was the start of a firm that would throw off the shackles of an archaic industry. That would treat its lawyers like human beings, so they, in turn, could look after clients without worrying about whether they were meeting some arbitrary business goals. Their only goal, their only focus, was to look after client needs.

Under Craig and Mike’s guidance, Sierra Legal has become a boutique firm that provides high quality and commercially focused legal services to its clients.

It has also grown from being a solo enterprise to a close-knit team of exceptional lawyers. Lawyers who have the depth of experience and knowledge to meet the needs of their commercial and corporate clients.

Meet the sierra Legal Team

We offer you Peace of Mind.

You should be confident that your legal team is providing you with the right advice. Unfortunately, not all legal advice is of the same quality.

We want you to be confident that the Sierra Legal team is providing accurate and relevant advice. So, we've made a conscious choice to build a team of lawyers who have significant experience.

A team that knows what they're doing. A team made up of individuals who have proven themselves at top tier national and international law firms.

And our approach is having the desired effect. We've had nothing but positive feedback from all our clients.

We're fussy about the lawyers that we hire, and you should be too. Learn more about the Sierra Legal team.


New is already our normal.

We've been working remotely for years (long before the year-that-shall-not-be-named), so we understand and have navigated many of the challenges facing businesses today.

Let us help you navigate the challenges and embrace the advantages of this "new-normal".

"What we like about Sierra Legal is that they stick to their cost quotes, and at the same time, hit all their deadlines and deliver high-quality work."

Brad and Geoff Harris
Harris Capital / Flight Centre Founder

Transparent pricing always

Even though we provide top-tier advice, you won't pay top-tier rates. 

We don't push our lawyers to achieve a certain number of billable hours each month, so they don't charge you for more time than is needed.

Only Senior Experience

We don't use junior staff or administrative staff, and we all work remotely, significantly reducing our overheads.

Because of this, we can offer you more cost-effective solutions than large firms can, without sacrificing the quality.

Flexible Fee Arrangement

And the best bit? Our fee arrangements are flexible. We're happy to work with you to identify a mutually beneficial payment agreement.

At Sierra Legal, we're focused on working as a team and doing the best possible job for our clients. We believe if we do that, then the fees will look after themselves.

Enquire about our flexible fee arrangement

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Innovative practices are part of our DNA.

How many lawyers have you met who are also brilliant coders? Well, we've found some.

This means that we can harness the latest technologies to meet your legal needs in an exceptionally modern and efficient way.

For instance, we've developed Arreis Automation, a service offering that can help you produce legal documents and contracts without needing an in-house lawyer.

Learn More About Arreis

The Sierra Legal Mission, Vision and Values.

At Sierra Legal, we believe it's essential to be intentional about what we do. We never want to lose sight of the reasons we started the firm. We've built a team that aligns with our values and shares our vision so that you get a consistently high standard of service.


Our mission is to deliver outstanding commercial solutions for our clients, on time and at great value, by using our top-level experience and innovative approach.


Our vision is to always be creating new and better ways of delivering legal services for the benefit of our clients, our staff, and the profession.


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Smarter Working. We’re always looking for better, smarter, and more innovative ways to meet our clients’ needs.

Integrity. Clients can depend on our promises and trust that we will go above and beyond, always acting in their best interests.

Expertise. Our team will draw on their extensive big firm expertise and up-to date legal knowledge to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Relationships. We believe in collaboration and work in partnership with our clients towards a common purpose and goal.

Reliability. When it comes to the law there is no room for mistakes. We’ll give you the right answers and we’ll deliver our services on time.

Approachable and Fun. Our team love what they do without exception. They work for our clients with a positive mind set and an eagerness to please. Our team members are approachable, friendly and a joy to work with.