Arreis automation

Over the last 10 years, one of Sierra Legal’s core service offerings has been helping clients with the development of bespoke template documents for their businesses, including contracts, company secretarial documents, engagement letters and a broad range of other types of documents.

After a couple of years of intense research, development and testing, we are excited to announce that we are now extending this service to include the coding and hosting of bespoke web apps for our clients. This will enable clients to automatically generate their own contracts and other documents themselves from Sierra Legal’s online software platform.

We are calling this new product Arreis Automation (pronounced Are-rye-iss). “Arreis” is simply “Sierra” spelt in reverse – representing a new and exciting business arm for us, but drawing on and complementing our growing Sierra Legal business.

Sierra Legal is also now using this technology internally. For example, we have automated our standard legal engagement letter that we need to send to clients at the beginning of matters and many other frequently used contracts (such as supply agreements, services agreements and employment agreements). The videos below demonstrate how easy it is to generate engagement letters and contracts (an employment agreement is shown in the video) now that we are using automation.

> How does Arreis Automation Work?

If you have a type of contract or other document that you use in your business at least a few times a year, the first step is to consider whether you need our help in re-drafting, updating and/or refining the base document.

Once you are happy with the base document, the next step is for Arreis Automation to “automate” the document. This involves our experienced legal staff “coding” the document using a proprietary programming language and setting up an online link which can be accessed by you and your team to create unlimited future versions of the document. On accessing this link on each occasion, the user will be prompted to answer a number of tailored questions (created by us as part of the coding process). On “submitting” those answers, a Word version of the completed document will be automatically emailed to the user (or able to be downloaded).

> Why Arreis Automation?

The key benefits and features of Arreis Automation include:

  • No investment in additional servers or systems is required - we take care of this for you.
  • Document design and coding is completed by Sierra Legal's own lawyers in Australia, all of whom have expert legal drafting and document preparation skills (and a detailed understanding of business processes generally) - there is no need for you to hire your own coders or spend time designing documents yourself.
  • After documents have been designed and coded, substantial time and cost efficiencies are created by:
    • automatically customising documents - including where complex decision trees, conditional logic and human input would normally be required;
    • reducing data entry requirements when creating documents;
    • automatically completing mathematical calculations within your documents;
    • allowing for multiple documents (or packages of documents) to be created simultaneously using the same data; and
    • removing or reducing the need to engage lawyers to be involved in the preparation of documents.
  • Improved quality control by reducing the risk of human error associated with incorrect data entry, using the wrong base document or unintended “hang overs” from the last time a base document was used.
  • We can use your existing documents or help you prepare new documents - you are not required to use any pre-existing templates.
  • Documents are generated in standard Microsoft Word (docx) format, allowing for easy editing and subsequent negotiation, if required.
  • The existing document formatting and style used in your business can be consistently applied to the documents as they are created.

> What does it cost?

Since Arreis Automation involves automation software and services that are tailored to your particular documents and circumstances, there is no single fee that caters for everyone. It will depend on factors such as whether we need to redraft or update the base document before automating it, and the complexity of the base document and the coding required.

Our fee structure will generally involve a small upfront establishment fee, then an ongoing monthly licence fee which can be easily ended at any time on giving 3 months’ notice. To ensure that there are no surprises, we would agree on these fees with you before commencing any work.

Can I see a free LIVE demo?

If you would like to see a quick 20 minute online demonstration of the Arreis Automation software, please book a meeting using the link below. 

Can I get a free quote?

If you would like to receive an obligation free quote for Arreis Automation to update, code and host a document (or package of documents) that you already use in your business, you can provide us with the necessary background information using the link below: