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The commercial law firm, future-proofing legal services.

A modern approach to law.

Australian Lawyer innovative firm of the year winner 2020

There are many reasons big businesses choose to work with Sierra Legal. They're attracted to our business model – a small, agile commercial law firm with a wealth of experience.

They love our contemporary approach to law, for example, our Arreis Automation offering which has the power to automate the creation of complicated contracts and other documents.

They feel reassured that juniors won't be left to handle their vitally important legal matters.

They love that we provide a premium service at a cost-effective price point. They like that we provide certainty around our legal fees, so they don't have to worry about budget blow-outs.

But we don't just work with big brands. We work with businesses of any size and structure. And we don't play favourites. Every client gets the same level of service, no matter how big or small they might be.

For these reasons, and many more - that's why our clients love working with us.

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"For a global company like ours, we are only as good as our partners and thanks to Sierra Legal we have been able to over achieve our goals and establish ourselves successfully in this new market. They are very professional in their approach and a real pleasure to work with. They are dynamic, friendly and focus on getting the job done without making life too difficult. I would recommend these guys without hesitation."

— Mike Norfield, Chief Executive Officer, Team Telecom Group

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A unique approach to Legal Fees.

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Keeping it transparent

You won't be hit with unexpected fees or hidden expenses when you work with Sierra Legal.

We offer fixed fees rather than charging by the hour, and our pricing is entirely transparent from the outset, so you know upfront what you will be charged.

We’ve scrapped billable hours

We are one of the few firms, if not the only firm in Australia, that doesn't set personal budgets for our team to reach individual billable hour thresholds.

We'd rather provide you with quality service than watch the clock.

Our Monthly

We even offer monthly plans so that you can have on-call legal services for a fixed monthly fee.

It's like having your own lawyer on staff without all the overheads

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Hello. Nice to meet you.

Our team is what makes Sierra Legal such a remarkable modern law firm. We work hard to attract and retain the best legal talent in Australia.

We provide our team with the flexibility and authority to do their job well, and in return, we've been recognised as an employer of choice.

Meet the team

We offer personalised commercial law services from our highly qualified team.

Wondering if we provide the commercial or corporate law services you need? Chances are we do.

Checkout our services page for a list of services we commonly provide. Or better yet, get in touch and let's talk about how we can meet your needs.

Some of Our core services

Monthly Plans

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Does your business avoid running every contract, document, and legal matter past a lawyer because it’s just too expensive?

Sierra Legal can provide certainty around legal fees, by offering your business customised monthly plans.

Mergers and Aquisitions

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The Sierra Legal team are the experts you want on your side during any M&A process.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge in this area. But, perhaps, more importantly, they genuinely care about achieving an excellent outcome for you.

Integration & Automation

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Are your processes for drafting and preparing contracts inefficient? Most businesses find they are.

Using uniquely advanced technology, we can eliminate the headaches that go along with the preparation of legal documents.

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