Sierra Legal’s new Arreis Automation system has arrived!

It represents a new and exciting business arm for us, which draws on and complements our growing legal business. If you have a type of contract, letter or other document that you regularly use in your business, Arreis Automation could be for you.

The key benefits and features of Arreis Automation include:

  • Documents are generated quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

  • Designed for use with customised documents, including where complex decision trees, conditional logic and human input would normally be required.

  • Automatic completion of mathematical calculations within your documents.

  • The ability for multiple documents (or packages of documents) to be created simultaneously using the same data.

  • Improved quality control by reducing the risk of human error associated with incorrect data entry, using the wrong base document or unintended “hang overs” from the last time a base document was used.

  • Documents are generated in standard Microsoft Word (docx) format, allowing for easy editing and subsequent negotiation.

  • The existing document formatting and style used in your business can be consistently applied to the documents as they are created.

Get in touch with one of the Sierra Legal team if you have any questions on Arreis Automation.