Arreis Automation + Marketing Melodies

We’re delighted to have Dean Cherny and Marketing Melodies on board and thanks for the great review!

“Arreis Automation used their amazing software and coding skills to automate our template supply contract.  Now, whenever my team needs to produce a supply contract for a new customer, we just open up the link that Arreis has created for Marketing Melodies (complete with our branding!), answer the 30 or so tailored questions that appear at the link, click "submit", and then the completed Word document is automatically emailed to us from the Arreis Automation system ready to go!  This whole process takes us less than 10 minutes, and a high quality document that is correctly worded and formatted is produced every time without any need to involve our lawyers … a massive time and cost saving for us.  Thank you Arreis Automation!!!”

(Dean Cherny, Founder and CEO, Marketing Melodies)