Having effective legal contracts can protect your business from potentially costly breaches of law, and it can save your business time and money if something goes wrong in the future.

Do you wonder whether the contracts you have been using in your business for many years are compliant with current laws or whether they adequately protect your business?  Are you reluctant to spend the time or money to ask your advisers to check your contracts?

Sierra Legal’s “Free Contract Health Check” can help give you peace of mind by confirming that you have an effective and compliant contract or other legal document in place, or by identifying potential areas for improvement to better protect your business.


It's free - we won’t charge you for our time in reviewing the relevant contract or other legal document (limited to one per business).  If we identify any material issues with the contract or other legal document, and you would like us to make suggestions on how to fix those issues, we would be happy to provide you with a “no-obligation” quote to do that work.

Access to an experienced team of lawyers - Sierra Legal’s lawyers all have at least 10 years’ professional experience and have all previously worked at top Australian and/or international law firms.


Simply click on the button below and complete some basic information relating to the contract or other legal document that you would like reviewed.

Examples of contracts or other legal documents (governed by Australian law) that we can review include:

  • Sale or purchase of business agreement
  • Sale or purchase of shares agreement
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Standard terms and conditions of trade
  • Application for commercial credit
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Executive services agreement
  • Intellectual property licence agreement
  • Loan agreement
  • Commercial lease
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Services agreement
  • Supply agreement

Subject to clearing the necessary conflict checks, we will then contact you and request a copy of the relevant contract or other legal document.    

The expert team of lawyers at Sierra Legal will then review the contract or other legal document and report back to you on any material issues from a legal perspective.


If you ask Sierra Legal to carry out a “Free Contract Health Check”, then all we ask from you in return is the following:

  • Where we identify 3 or more material issues with the relevant contract or other legal document from a legal perspective, you will give Sierra Legal the opportunity to quote for the next piece of commercial legal work required for your business - there is of course no obligation for you to accept our quote!

  • Where you have a record of the amount of legal fees that you originally paid to your lawyers for their involvement with the relevant contract or other legal document, please share that information with us - this helps us to help you by ensuring we keep up-to-date with what our competitors are charging, so that we can continue to be competitive in the provision of legal services to our clients.